Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I digress.

I am reluctant to admit, but despite my ambitious blogging plans, I still have not been here in some time. I can land the blame solely on two things:
1. I spent a week in Mexico
2. I have been cheating on this blog with my blog for work.

To explain further, I spent a week in the Royal Decameron resort near Bucerias with my husband, parents and siblings. (We also met up with my aunt/uncle/cousins while we were there).

Then upon returning I was immediately thrust back into the 'real world' with the launch of our new service offering (teleprescent robots) approaching. (See for more)

Technically I have still been blogging though, it just hasn't been here. In the last week, I have published the following three blog posts for work:

When Worlds Collide: TinyEYE Therapy Services Brings Robots into the Classroom
Telepractice: An Excellent Alternative to Traditional Speech Therapy in Alberta
Students LOVE Innovative Speech Therapy Technology in the Classroom

Now that things are starting to settle back into their normal routine, I have started to put together blog posts for my own blog again. I will be publishing a Mexico 'review' tomorrow, and Etsy Feature Friday will return this week. It's great to be back!