Thursday, February 6, 2014

GIlles' New Wheels - Subaru CrossTrek (2014, Limited Edition)

Shortly before Christmas, Gilles was driving home from work on a main channel on the edge of the city, and hit a deer. His car was totalled, and he was taken into the hospital to ensure that he didn't have a concussion.

Luckily aside from some sore muscles, Gilles was fine. As he was in the hospital until quite late he missed his next day of work, then got a ride from a coworker for his last day of work for the shift.

The next day he went car shopping. He already knew what he wanted, the Subaru Crosstrek. He originally planned to purchase a 2013 vehicle, however when he went to the dealership he found that the price different between the 2013 and 2014 vehicles was negligible. There was also only one limited edition left on the lot, so he went for that one.

I wasn't very involved in the purchasing process. I was working when he went vehicle shopping, so he sent me the link on the site and asked what I thought, and then bought the vehicle before I returned from work.

Overall I am happy with the vehicle. It has a strong engine and good traction, and hasn't given me any strong reasons to dislike it. Here are some of my favorite things about it:
- lots of sitting room, front and back
- comfortable seats, don't get uncomfortable during a long trip
- Great GPS integration
- Individual temperature adjustment (driver and front passenger)
- Seat warmers (sorry, we're in Canada. Had to include)
- Great visibility with strong headlights
- Lifted back seats for improved visibility
- Decent mileage
- Great maneuverability - turns like a car

As with any vehicle, it does have some quirks. Here are some that I noticed:
- Always selects my phone for music over Gilles', despite attempts to turn off autoconnect for mine and leave it on for his
- Hatchback will freeze in locked position when very cold out
- Limited room in hatchback - may become problematic when we have kids
- Seat warmers turn on and off - would prefer consistent heat