Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Country-Style Cross-Stitch

For this project I used "Praise God from whom All Blessing Flow", a pattern by Cross-Country Stitching published in their August 2012 magazine.

Here is my finished piece:

The quote at the bottom of the piece is from a prayer that my grandparents and my mom's side of the family sing before meals. I was on my way to a New Years celebration and found this magazine on display at a gas station, with this pattern on the front. I knew I had to make this for my grandparents as soon as I saw it.

For a small pattern (about 5"x7") it is surprising how many hours went into its completion. There are 25 colours in the piece, so you don't 'fly' as quickly as one would were they not needing to change colours as frequently. You'll note that there are two distinct variations between my completed picture and the pattern. First and most obvious, the pattern is stitched on Antique White Aida cloth, which is very bright. I felt that this pattern was better suited to a more rustic feel, and so I chose to stitch mine on Natural Aida Cloth. Both are 14-pt fabrics. Second, you will note that my colours are not identical to those of the pattern. This is simply because as it is a printed pattern and not a kit, the floss did not come with it. Rather than buy all new floss I chose to use the colours I had on hand wherever sensible.