Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Lifestyle - Getting back on track.

I don't make it a secret that I take my summers "off" from dieting. I don't typically go crazy, I just relax and stop calorie counting and meal planning for a little while.

This year, I did go a little crazy. The fact that I could eat dairy while in Iceland caused me to gain 5 lbs in those two weeks alone. (I really, really like Ice cream and chocolate cake). Compound that by the fact that I was travelling for work before and after Iceland, and a little weight gain can be expected. But the problem is, I didn't right myself when I got back. I figured 'Okay, it's almost September. I'll diet again in September.'

September has come and gone, and I still haven't dieted. It isn't as though I haven't tried... I even when so far as to plan out the first week of a new meal plan, and buy the groceries for it. Problem is, somehow we have gotten even more busy in the evenings this year than last year. Gilles is playing for two hockey teams this year instead of one, I am working a new job with 10 hours days (less one day a week), and Gilles has a new job where he isn't home until 6:45! Combine that with the fact that we were still taking dance classes and I was still running 3x/week... Well, I tried. I didn't make a single one of the recipes, and back to Kraft Dinner and frozen pizzas it was. (They're fast!)

I stepped on the scale yesterday and it read 193.4!! When I was at my lowest before summer, I weight 176.4. In other words, over the summer I gained almost 20 lbs. Yikes.

Stepping back to analyze the situation, I quickly realized that in compensating for our busy lifestyle I had fallen into old habits (re: processed food) in order to be able to make 'home-cooked' meals. I know that I don't have extra time during my work week to modify this habit, so it is time to make a new one. Enter Operation Freeze.

Okay, not this Operation Freeze.

My version of Operation Freeze is simple, and will be in effect immediately.

First, I premake healthy, portion controlled meals. This is done on weekends, when I have some extra time. I then freeze each portion individually, so that it may be pulled out of the freezer for supper at any time. There are lots of great resources online for healthy premade meals, including:
- thislady'

I have purchased a white board to hang on the wall beside the freezers. On this white board, I have attached a marker and an eraser. I will use this board to keep an updated list of premade meals available in the freezer, and how many portions are available.

I'm doing the first of my "freezer cooking" this weekend... my goal is to have four large batch meals completed, so that we have one new meal to try for each worknight next week.

Stay tuned for a new post, with the results of the weekends cooking!