Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's a Jet Boat!

Summed up pretty nicely... big metal souped up motor boat (with a diesel engine, bench seats and handlbars).

It was a lot of fun - racing along the river, missing the rock wall faces by mere feet, and going speeds I really don't want to know. We did 360s and ramped rapids... it was basically tubing within a boat. Tons of fun, and a light way to wrap up our honeymoon. This tour was through Iceland Riverjet.

After that we headed back to the city, where we finished Gilles' shopping, then went and booked our shuttle back to the airport. (We get picked up at 7am  local, which means our day will begin at about 6:30am - and we will get back to Saskatoon at about 10:30pm, so it will be about 11pm by the time we get through customs. While that sounds really good, 11pm at home is 5am here... so we are in for a long day tomorrow!

We also "cashed in" our tax free forms - Gilles got about $50 back and I got about $100 (they are based on a percentage of what you spend).

\Finally, we went to pick up our last groceries... yogurt and ramen noodles (yup, we're eating like kings tonight!) Haha...

Next we need to make this apartment look like we were never here (apart from he fact that they need to clean the linens and the towels), and prepare for sleeplessness!

Just a thought before I go though -- I will still have a couple of Iceland posts after we return to Canada - there are a couple topics that I want to tackle that didn't fit into the day-to-day posts. See you back on Canadian shores!