Monday, August 12, 2013

Helicopter Ride & Whalewatching Take 2

Today was certainly an entertaining day! We started the day out by getting lost attempting to find our way to Nordurflug for our helicopter flight. (In my defense they told us it was at the domestic airport which is where we went - unfortunately they forgot to mention that it was at a private hangar on the opposite side of the runway, so we had to get a cab around).

We arrived there in plenty of time though - time enough to fill out their manifest forms and enjoy a couple of cookies while waiting for our helicopter to arrive and be refueled. We partook in the Waterfall & Valleys tour by Nordurflug, and bought out the third seat so that we could have a private tour.

The views were absolutely outstanding. Unfortunately I learned that while I do not get airsick in planes or seasick, I do get motion sickness from helicopters. Fortunately we had one stopover in a valley full of geysirs timed at the perfect moment so it allowed me to gather composure a little over halfway through our ride, and I didn't actually get sick.

The views were absolutely outstanding. You are able to get so much closer in a helicopter than in an aircraft - in some cases we were clearing mountain faces by barely a metre. Here are some of my favorite photos from the tour.

After our helicopter tour we went out for dinner at a cute little Italian place around the corner from our apartment - I had a personal lasagna and Gilles had a pizza sandwich (it was literally a pizza folded into a sandwich, with a salad inside).

We then did a little bit of shopping and then headed out for attempt 2 at whale watching. Our first attempt was in awful weather (very windy, cloudy and cold) and we didn't see a single thing. They gave us a voucher to come again for free, and boy am I glad we did - this time we found three Minge whales together (that kept coming up again and again, too many times to count), along with some harbour porpoises, and the birds were diving and we saw some puffins! We definitely didn't strike out this time. I managed to get one decent photo of a minge whale.

Tomorrow will be a lazy day while we check out some museums and galleries, and then on Wednesday we will be partaking in our last tour - a jet boat ride.