Friday, August 9, 2013

Golden Circle Tour by SuperJeep

Today was a lot of fun. It ended up that our entire tour group today was Canadian - although three of the Canadians had been living in India for work lately. Originally though, one was from Calgary, one was from Edmonton, and one was from Toronto. It was great to be able to share the same sense of humour with our tour group, and be able to truly relate with them - something that we weren't able to experience to the same degree so far on our trip. Essentially, we learned today the travel cliche of 'you are from the same country as me? Friends!'

That aside, today was a fun day. Our tour guide was full of energy- a true individual. He was a snowmobile operating, 5 language speaking, opera singing (literally a professional opera singer), graphic designer tour guide... Summed up, he was a lot of fun.

We rode throughout the day in what can be best described as a monster truck:

We started by driving to the geysirs - the main one in the area, Geysir (apparently the geysir all others are named after), goes off every 4-8 minutes. The trek to get down there was gorgeous.

We really enjoyed seeing the geysirs. Neither of us had seen one in person, and we both found them fascinating. The water was so clear, and it was really neat how Geysir sucked the water down about half a foot right before 'blowing'.

After visiting the geysirs, we continued on to a glacier where we did a little bit of snowmobiling. How many people can say hat they have been snowmobiling on a glacier? Essentially we were driving on ice with a bit of slush on the top, and random puddles up to a foot deep throughout.

Next we went to the Gulfoss waterfall, which was absolutely spectacular.

We finished the day by heading to the Skjàlftinn earthquake simulator - it was 6.2 on the Richter scale - absolutely crazy. I can't imagine my whole world rocking like that.

Tomorrow we will spend the day river rafting, then do a cliff jump!