Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vegas in 3 Evenings (or Vegas from the Eyes of a Business Traveller)

As I write this, I am sitting on a plane on my way back to Saskatoon from Las Vegas. The flight has been delayed by an hour, during which time I have had time to reminisce about the trip, and what sort of a post this should be. What you are getting as a result is unedited (read: not reader-focused), unabridged, and quite long. It is also very photo heavy. Consider yourself warned.

Note: My trip to Vegas was a work trip, however as this is a personal and not work related blog, these details will be skipped.

We arrived in Vegas at about 3pm, after taking a delay in Denver on the way. I was immediately assaulted with the sights and smells of Las Vegas, as there were slot machines 'conveniently' located right outside our arrival gate.

We arrived during some unusual Las Vegas weather. It was "cool" (about 35 Celsius) and raining. We took a shuttle to the Stratosphere hotel, where we would be staying for the duration.

The shuttle stopped at nearly every other hotel along the route to the Strat (the last one on the strip), so we got a great initial look at Vegas. Unfortunately there was a screen in the window that made it difficult to take photos. It was interesting what little things I couldn't help but notice, despite the flashing lights and billboards. For instance, while there is a some grass to be seen, very little of it is real. Also, the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign is deceivingly short.

My room was great, located on the 21st floor. While it wasn't on the strip side of the hotel, the view was still breathtaking.

Shortly after we arrived at the hotel, the desert wind showed its face. Chairs could be seen blowing across the deck of the pool below. 

Later that evening a couple of us went for a walk down the strip, to the Encore. We spent a couple hours there, viewing the duelling pianos. Interestingly, both gentlemen were on the same "piano" a an organ had been inserted at the end of a grand piano. They were okay, but were only engaging with one of the tables. Not to worry, we took a cab back.


The next afternoon a small group of is got to go on the rides on top of the hotel. There were three rides available, each taking advantage of the hotel's height. This one swings out over the edge of the hotel, then spins you in circles:

This one tilts like a seesaw, except you slide back and forth to each end (dangling over the edge of the building):

And this one shoots you up into the air and then drops you:

Later that evening out whole group went to Old Vegas. It was surreal - the entire area is covered in a screen ceiling, where they have all sorts of things playing - music videos, advertisements, random
pictures, etc. 


The next day we spent a few hours at the North  Outlet Mall, where we power shopped :) I bought a new dress, new purse and a carryon luggage bag. After that, we went to see Cirque de Soleil's "O", which was absolutely breathtaking. My favorite part of the show was the contortionists - they are absolutely amazing. The strength and flexibility they require to execute their stunts is absolutely outstanding.

After this we spent about an hour touring the strip before heading back to our hotel for the night.


To cap the weekend off, today I jumped off the stratosphere!! 

All in all, a quick and fun few days!