Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Gardening

This spring has been a busy one, with my rarely being home and Gilles' being in school. Somehow I have still managed to get my garden in (I may have had a little family/friends help) and it is flourishing - I ate my first radishes from the garden last night!

Here is a quick, non-inclusive tour of my garden and flower beds :) The photos are all quite old at this point and my plants are quite a bit bigger, so I will provide updated photos soon...

Bulb bags while setting up the front flower beds

Planning out the flowers for the front

After several hours of fighting for the rototiller to start, the garden is finally tilled.

First flower bud peaking through the ground in the front flower beds.

Some surprise tulips - I didn't realize there was a flower bed along this fence!

Some surprise rhubarb :)

Pumpkin plant

First day sprouted pea plants

First day sprouted bean plant

Fresh lettuce

Baby radishes

Beets :)


Rosebush in front flower bed starting to bloom

First bloom from Lily along back fence