Monday, April 15, 2013

That one day when I saved the world...

I write all of my best blog posts while I'm running. They don't usually actually make it through to the blog (I seem to have a problem with follow-through), but believe me. They're good.

Mmmk. Now that I've set you all up for utter disappointment, what do you think about when you run? I mean really, are you going through the list of things to do after your run, do you just zone out, or what? Maybe you have an overactive imagination like me?

Allow me to explain.

Over the course of my 90-minute run yesterday, I listened to approximately 30 songs, give or take. These songs are all approximately the same speed, but that is where the resemblance ends. While these songs are playing, I am using them as my 'theme songs' to whatever 'adventure' I'm on in my mind. Here is a small sample: (Note that most of these are upbeat remixes to allow for run speed)

Cecilia, by Simon & Garfunkel - I'm running through a meadow full of flowers. There are birds and butterflies. The sky is bright blue, and there is a light breeze. A crooning prince charming is along side me and even though I continue to run he never gets any further away, and continues to sing to me. Oh, and my name is Cecilia.

Sexy & I Know It - I'm in a music video, strutting my stuff. Cameras are flashing, and the stagelights are burning my eyes. I can smell the stage fog, and smell the sweat from the thousands of fans that are pressing the stage. Everyone is screaming my name and reaching for me to touch their hand.

I Like the Way (DJ Hush, Power Remix) - This one doesn't have a location so much as an emotion attached. 'I like the way you move'... It pretty much propells me by itself. (I should make a point not to play the airdrums and sing out loud while running to this song now that the paths are getting a bit busier though)

I like to Move It - I'm in Madagascar (surprised, anyone?) dancing with the lemurs. The king of the lemurs gives me his crown and I lead all the lemurs in the 'I Like to Move it' dance, complete with hip bumps.

Shake Senora - I'm a Latin dancer, with a similar body to Shakira. I have amazing core strength and am dancing in all of the most up-to-date hiphop moves, flawlessly.

Metal Fusion - I'm the hero of a war movie, running through a battlefield. Bombs are going off around me and the air is riddled with bullets. I'm jumping over the dead bodies that litter the ground. I have a gun holstered to my arm and am wearing a 1940's era war helmet.

Eye of the Tiger - It's the era of fast cars and greasy hair. I'm behind the wheel of a particularly fast car, evading the police. I'm tearing around corners with reckless abandon, always one step ahead of them.

Matrix Theme - I'm in the age of gladiators, swinging my sword. My enemies are falling all around me. It's a bloodbath. The camera is zooming in on me. You can see my awesome abs straining as I deliver a powerful blow, almost in slow motion.

Don't You Just Know It - I'm in the ring, just me, a bull, and my red cape. I'm waving it around while running around the ring, the bull chasing me. When it catches up I send it hurtling through the cloth and then dance around teasingly. There are some close calls, but I'm always in control.

The best thing about having such an active imagination is that you don't notice the time going by at all. Yesterday I ran further than I intended to, simply by not paying attention to how fast I was going. I focused on the music and imagined what scene I would be in in a movie, based on the music that was playing. I didn't focus on the strain in my calves, or how laboured my breath was. The music pushed me to speed up on hills instead of slow down, and to challenge myself.

So now tell me. What do you do to keep yourself entertained and moving on the long runs?