Friday, April 12, 2013

Playing frisbee with farm dogs

One of the many things that I did while I was at the farm over the Easter long weekend was spend some time getting some exercise in with our two labs at the farm.

Rocky is a black lab, and Chester is a brown lab, English I think. Sonny is a cat :P He wasn't very interested in exercising though.
(Apologies for the "scratchy" bits... picture taken through the front door glass).

My mom, brother and I ran with the dogs on Saturday afternoon. They were very excited to go for a run, and wanted to know why we weren't getting going faster...

On Saturday I went out and attempted to play frisbee with the dogs for awhile. Rocky wasn't particularly interested (you want me to go get that so you can throw it away again??) but Chester was game.

Maybe a little TOO game. Approximately 80% of the time was spent attempting to retrieve the frisbee from Chester. By the end because I wanted to add a bit of actual exercise to it, I was stealing the frisbee from him and then running away with it while he chased me before throwing it. I didn't exactly master any frisbee throws while playing, but they weren't great frisbees to begin with, and I was happy just to spend some time with Chester.