Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On the Boston Marathon Tragedy

What happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon is horrific. 

I think what scares me the most about it is that I don't understand. I'm not saying that I understand why someone would be so extremist as to bomb a political building or attack a world leader. But at least we were given a reason for those attacks. 

I don't understand what would drive a person to set off a bomb amongst people who had worked so hard to achieve such a level of physical elitism, and those who were there to selflessly cheer them on. 

To my understanding there was no political agenda to be had; no "attacks against their way of living" as a result of these thousands of people running. 

What I do understand is that people who dedicated their lives to their sport are now having their limbs amputated. People who attended to support their loved ones are now dead. People who worked themselves to the bone, day in and day out for years upon years for the opportunity of running in this prestigious race had their hopes dashed and their memories scarred.

Whatever the bomber(s) reason for doing what he/she/they did... it's not justified. That kind of violence can never be justified. 

Praying for Boston.