Friday, April 26, 2013

My first ever garden

I'm quite excited this year about having my own real garden, for the first time ever.

I specify real, because I have in truth gardened in the past. At the last place that I rented I ripped up some grass we couldn't get to with the lawn mower and created a flower-bed style garden. Unfortunately it didn't get enough light in the day and so all I got from it was some onions, some potatoes, and lots of flowers.

Before that I had a set of 10 flower pots in the parking lot outside the window of our apartment:

And before that yet, I helped my mom and grandmother garden at the farm!

This year though, I will have my first actual garden-sized garden, plus flower beds and some pots on the deck out back to boot.

So far I've started my tomatoes and peppers indoors... here they are about three weeks along:

The weather hasn't been very co-operative so far this year though. April 25th and we are finally getting our first frost-free night! Days are averaging between 0-2 degrees Celsius. Here's what the garden looks like at the moment:

Not quite ready to rototill!I'm hoping to get my hands dirty and clean up that area on the right under the tree though. I will plant winter onions there as soon as the ground is tilled. Soon!

I've also purchased several bags of bulbs, and two rose bushes for the beds in front of the house. My intent is to have a rose bush on either side of the steps, a bleeding heart bush on the outside of each (more toward the cedars), and fill the rest full of bulbs to bloom in every season. Here's a picture of the front of the house for reference:

Not from this spring, obv.

I'm considering putting some daffodils around birch tree in the front too. You can just barely see it in the right hand side of the photo.

My rosebushes (purchased two weeks ago) have been sneaky and started growing indoors on me while waiting to be planted outside! I'll have to be careful to seperate the roots well so that it gets good purchase as soon as I can put them outside. I'll have to wait until the frost risk is over though, so that could be some time yet.

You can see some of the bags of flower bulbs hiding behind the rosebushes too :)