Monday, April 8, 2013

Gardening Season begins!

For the first time ever, I have my very own garden this year. I have spring fever BIG TIME.

I purchased the seeds for the garden last week. Peas, beans, onions, radishes, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, beets, carrots and a few herbs.

The growing season here is far too short for tomatoes and peppers to be planted by seeds, so I planted them indoors on Saturday to start them.

I planted the seeds in lasagna trays, in soil about 3" deep. They will be about as tall as the soil is deep when I transfer them to their own containers (I referred on my mother and grandmother's knowledge for this. I also chose varieties that we grow at the farm as often as I could). Here are the varieties I chose.


Bush Beefsteak grows large (about 3" wide) smooth tomatoes that are great for canning. I intend to have six of these plants in my garden).

While Sub Artic Maxi isn't one that is grown on the farm, it is one that was claimed to be very fast growing and providing fruit early in the seed magazine. I intend to grow two of these ones together in a large pot on the back deck - they will be for fresh eating.

While we don't traditionally grow peppers on the farm, I'm expecting Fat N' Sassy to provide sweet bell peppers similar to those found in the store, albeit likely smaller. I will likely plant 4-6 plants.

Hot peppers are a new adventure altogether. This is the type that I traditionally like in stir fry though, so I'm hoping that they do well! I will likely plant 4 of these plants.

As I didn't really have a 'warm dark place' to start my seeds, I decided to experiment. I planted the full amount of seeds in two different aluminum lasagna pans. I then covered one with saran wrap to create a green house effect, and covered the other with aluminum foil to create the 'dark warm' effect. I'm interested to see how the results compare. They are sitting in an east facing window, as unfortunately the only south-facing window that I have can be easily reached by my two cats, who would be more than happy to eat any fresh seedlings for me.

It doesn't look like much at this point, but here is what the pans look like, prior to putting the top layer of soil over the seeds:

As I missed tulip planting season in the fall (we were preparing to move so it didn't really make sense to plant my bulbs), I "planted" four of my bulbs in my south-facing window... I'm hoping that because there is no soil in this container it will not tempt the cats... 

I'm also debating planting my tulip bulbs this spring along with my spring bulbs... I know that they won't flower if I do this, but it would be nice to have everything in the ground at once so that I don't accidentally dig up my other bulbs in the fall...