Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anxious for spring

As it is the second week in April and the ground is STILL covered in snow (and there is snow in the forcast for Thursday and again for the weekend), I am starting to get spring fever BAD.

There are two things that I am anxious for:

1) Getting my hands in the dirt and planting my flowers and garden.

I bought several bags of bulbs on Sunday... I will share a bit more about them when the ground has thawed enough to put them in there, but I have chosen several different colours, and chosen three varieties that will bloom in the spring, three early summer, and three late summer thus increasing the blooming season of my front beds. I purchased my bulbs from Costco as I have had good luck with their bulbs in the past, and it is far less expensive than buying individual bulbs from the greenhouses or seed supply stores. There will be tulips, daylilies, dahlias and more in the front. I have also bought some peony bulbs for behind the house, beside the cedars. It will be longer before I can plant these likely, as while the snow has melted from the flower beds in the front there is still about two feet of packed snow where I want to plant the peonies in the back. Note that the rest of the front yard has about 5' of snow on it as well. *sigh*.

2) Going for a bike ride.

I'm not sure why I'm so anxious to go for a bike ride this year... usually I go most of the summer without biking more than a few times. Maybe it is because I know that I live close enough to work to bike this year. Maybe it is because I have been doing so much running, I'm craving the same effect with more speed. Either way I have been thinking about biking, dreaming about biking, and planning biking. 

Yesterday in attempt to get my head focused where it should be and off the subject of going for a bike ride, I planned out a long route - I will do it as a 'day trip' with Lisa. We will bike from the house up to the north end of the West side of the river, all the way down to the south, back up to the bridge, down to the south end, back up all the way to the north end on the east side of the river, and then south across the bridge and back to the house. We will take it slow so that we can still do our distance run the next day. In total it will amount to about 41km of biking. Can't wait!

In other news, I noticed that the ground underneath my bird feeder was covered with sunflower shells this morning, so someone finally found my feeder. I haven't seen who is eating the food yet - be it bird or squirrel. I'm guessing that they are eating right at dawn, as I didn't notice any shells on the ground the night before. I look forward to catching some creatures eating out of it though, be it birds or squirrels! I will go out and look at it this evening to see just how much of the seed they've actually managed to eat so far.