Monday, March 18, 2013

Challenge Yourself

I began the new year feeling a sort of ennui about my fitness and weight loss journey. Something needed to change. Since then, I have implemented the following:
  • Training for a half marathon (to complete in either May or September)
    • Running Monday, Wednesday and either Friday or Sunday with Lisa
    • Running Thursdays on my own
  • Playing Ultimate Frisbee every Saturday
  • 'Pseudo' mealplan 
    • Following 1300-1400 cal mealplan, with the following exceptions:
      • Home visiting family
      • Pre-planned eating out
      • Events
        • Note: In the case of each exception I am calorie counting to the same #.
  • Weight loss challenge
    • Includes weekly challenges for points against other teams. This week's challenges:
      • General: Drink 10 cup water/day
      • Exercise: 15 min cardio/day
      • Exercise: 3 ab exercises (3 x 10 reps ea) 4x/week
      • Personal: Run a minimum of 15km/week
Having all of these goals set in place and making a point of keeping myself motivated (challenging self, talking to family/friends, Pinterest, etc.) has really helped. I haven't lost any weight per say since I started, but I've noticed a general increase in my fitness level, and I think I am gaining muscle (hence the even weight). I'm back on track, and excited to see what I can do!