Monday, February 4, 2013

Lack of Patience

My lack of patience was defined very clearly a couple of weeks ago. My brother was helping me pick up my new 60 gallon fish tank and stand with his new truck. We were trying to figure out the best way that it would fit in the truck. We started by putting the stand in the cab, cupboards down. Cupboards down was our first mistake.

We quickly learned that both the stand and the tank would not fit in the cab - his subwoofer was in the way. We backed the tank out and started to take the stand out, but it was wedged tight. If I was patient here, I would have checked to make sure nothing was catching. If I was patient, I would have made sure that the cupboard doors were closed still. They weren't.

We assumed that the stand was just wedged really tight into the cab, after all we had to squeeze it in there. The cupboard doors were caught under the seats. We pulled harder. We heard the wood break. Brand new stand.

Here is the result of my lack of patience:

Lucky for me, I have some very helpful men in my life. My dad replaced the legs this past weekend - all that is left is it needs a bit of paint. 

I'll post pictures of the repaired stand soon...