Monday, January 28, 2013

Why hello there, are you still here?

Last week came and went without any blog updates, although there were no shortages of goals and work.

Some of the things that I accomplished in the last week (including two weekends):

- Move to the new house
- Work 40 hrs
- Clean the rental house (scrubbed top to bottom!)
- Unpack the kitchen (with no shortage of help from my mother!)
- Return to healthy eating
- Catch up on errands (sort of)
- Get new fish tank (60 gallons! More updates to come, once I have time to start setting up.)
- Change address with all remaining places (Mostly done - getting our mail forwarded for six months in case we missed anyone)

This list doesn't include the many smaller items we did as well, of course.

The next week looks like it will be a little more relaxing, but only in the sense that we aren't taking every moment of our spare time to clean. We still have appointments every night this week, other than tonight.

Tonight I will destress - it's time for a Zumba night.

So here are my goals for today - the month is almost over!

- Cross at least two items off my list at work
- Accomplish all errands required after work (Costco, Extra Foods (Cat food), and Dollarrama... pretty easy)
- Eat a healthy supper :)
- Zumba!
- Get to bed before 10.

Today is essentially a 'day off', and much needed because I have an awful head cold. Not to wish my life away, but I'm really looking forward to the weekend (and in turn, the end of the month). Bring me health, relaxation, and my paycheque! :P

More interesting posts to come, I promise. I will continue to input goals as often as I can, with the addition of:

- Mysty is getting fixed next week!
- Revitalizing my fishtank
- New 60 gallon fishtank
- Setting up a new home
- Decorating a bedroom
- Crafts/hobbies updates
- Weight loss and exercise updates,
etc. etc. etc. :)