Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today's Goals: January 16th, 2012

Recap from yesterday:

Y - Cross at least two items off my list of things to do at work
Y - Pack all jackets and footwear (at least I assume this is done, Gilles said he did it :) )
Y - Get beds ready for parents (all I have left to do is put labelled garbage bags in their rooms for them to transfer their bedding between houses without it having to get dirty
X - Pack all non-dresser, non-necessary for this week items in bedroom (I'd like to point out that I have completed this goal, but my husband hasn't packed up his closet yet so I can't actually call this complete. On the other hand, he has decided that he doesn't necessarily need anything in there until after this weekend anyway so he can throw it in his car at any time).
Y - Complete budget spreadsheet for shared and personal accounts (It was a scary but settling task at the same time)
X - Be in bed by 9pm (I think it was about 9:30 when I crashed, which isn't bad at all still)
BONUS: Gilles cleaned out the freezer, which is one of the items that was going to be on the next list of goals!

It was a rough evening. Supper took longer than I expected to make, so we started working while it was in the oven cooking. Both Gilles and I were very tired, and the many trips up and down three flights of stairs didn't help. Luckily relief came in knowing that we were intentionally going to go to bed early, and in the form of our cats' antics. That said, I think an audible sign of relief could be heard throughout the house when it came time to go sleep.

Today's goals are luckily a little less daunting (I hope):

- Cross at least two items off my list of things to do at work
- Pack any odds and ends left in the house
- Move two televisions to new house
- Move corded telephone to new house
- Be in bed before 10

The big move date is on Saturday and our phone line will be hooked up Friday... it's getting so close!