Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's Goals: January 15th, 2013

Yesterday I thought that the goals that we had set for ourselves were out of reach. I was almost right, but we stuck to our guns and worked hard all evening. My first full success day! Here's what was accomplished:

Y - Cross at least two items off my list at work
Y - Eat supper at home (rental house)
Y - Pack and move all food to the new house
Y - Get at least seven hours of sleep (barely)

Bonus - Stop by pet store and buy new tags for cats (with new address), decorations for fish tank, and dental toys for cats!

It was a long, tiring day but I'm very proud and happy with the result.

So, what's left to do today?

Here are my goals:

- Cross at least two items of my list of things to do at work
- Pack all extra jackets and footwear
- Move clothing from laundry room into dressers
- Get beds ready for parents
- Pack all non-dresser, non-necessary for this week items in bedroom
- Complete budget spreadsheet for shared and personal accounts
- Be in bed by 9pm

It's a long list, but most of the items shouldn't take too long to do. Wish me luck!