Monday, January 14, 2013

Today's Goals: January 12th- 14th, 2013

Okay, so obviously with the dates listed these aren't just today's goals, they encompass the whole weekend. I'm okay with that though, because while I didn't write them down anywhere I definitely had a lot of goals in mind, which I did very well with. First though, a rehash of Friday's goals:

Y - Gain possession of the house with no problems
X - Finish packing the basement closet items
Y - Finish packing Gilles' room
Y - Cross at least two items off my to-do list at work
Y - Get at least 8 hrs of sleep

So I managed to accomplish everything except for the basement closet. I'm happy with this, because all that is left in the basement closet is jackets, which I will just toss into a suitcase. It took until about midnight to finish packing up Gilles' room, but it was a big victory. I'm very happy it is done.

The goals I had in mind for Saturday:

Y - Drop off used propane tank at recycling depot
Y - Drop off wedding dress to get drycleaned (finally!)
Y - Drop off clothing/appliance donations
Y - Drop off recycling at Sarcan
Y - Clean and move fish tank
X - Pack bedroom

Cleaning and moving the fish tank ended up being a bigger job than I anticipated, because we learned that the plug that we wanted to use for it at the new house was switch controlled (as was the plug that I wanted to use for my computer). This obviously wouldn't work, but note the use of the word 'was'. Love that my husband is an electrician! He bypassed the switch so that now the plugs receive a steady current. It renders the switch useless, but that is much preferable to having my fish tank and computer accidentally shut off all the time (which they would have been as it is the first switch), or having to tape over it. After we finished with that, we ended up going out for a late supper (we finished at 9pm) with a friend and then rewarding ourselves for the rest of the evening by watching Brave. (Great movie).

Sunday was another busy day. At this point we were both tired of packing and moving and yaddha yaddha yaddha, but we persisted. It ended up being a very productive day.

Y - Finish packing bathroom (Gilles)
Y - Pack kitchen dishes & small appliances
Y - Move kitchen dishes & small appliances to new house (this took two loads using both cars)
Y - Organize kitchen dishes & small appliances at new house
Y - Move items from small freezer into small freezer at new house (Gilles)
Y - Finalize fish tank transfer (add fish)
X - Pack bedroom
Y - Get food that doesn't require dishes for the week

See a trend? Haha. There isn't a lot to pack in the bedroom so we haven't been in a huge hurry about it. We ended the day by settling down to watch Crazy, Stupid Love. It was a cute movie and had both of us laughing throughout.

I personally think that today's goals are a bit out of reach, but Gilles believes that it is doable. We'll see!

- Cross at least two items off my list at work
- Eat supper at home (rental house)
- Pack and move all food to the new house
- Get at least seven hours of sleep

Do you make lists for yourself, or goals of what you want to do each day? Or what do you do that keeps you focused and efficient?