Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions

As everyone hunkers down and decides what they want to accomplish in the new year, I feel inclined to follow suit. I have a few different thought patterns when it comes to what I want to accomplish in the new year, as evidenced by my list of resolutions. Here is what I would like to accomplish in 2013:

- Read 30 novels. That's just over two for every month, and I will allow half of these to be audiobooks, as I know that  this is the only way I will actually have the time to accomplish this goal.

- Get down to 150lbs. This one is pretty self explanatory. I will keep doing what I have been doing... calorie counting, playing frisbee, going to classes at the gym, working out in general. I will do another meal plan in April/May while Gilles is in school, and push to finally reach that goal. If I'm lucky, I'll get there by summer. My 'push' goal for this is to get down to 150lbs by no later than the end of August.

- Completely renovate our new bedroom. We get possession of the house January 11th. While Gilles is in school in April/May, I'd like to repaint the bedroom, as well as stain all of the wood in the room. I'm using this picture as inspiration:

Photo courtesy:

- Run 30km in every month. This should be pretty manageable, especially when I'm training - when I'm not training it will keep me focused on putting my feet to the pavement (or track, or treadmill, as it may be). Elliptical or biking will not count toward this goal.

- Get my groceries without a vehicle at least once a month. As long as I keep my grocery list under control, this should be pretty attainable, as the new place that I am moving to is only 1.3km to the Extra Foods nearby (yup, I mapped it out!). That means that I could easily walk it if I have the time, or use it is a part of my running goal, or bike it if I'm in a hurry. In fact, I should rarely need to take a vehicle unless I am stopping quick on the way home from work (it is right on-route), or am picking up something really heavy/awkward (ie/ cat litter, or a broom).