Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Busy week

Still here, I promise.

I was out of commission yesterday thanks to a nasty cold. I am still coughing like I've been in a burning building today, but at least it doesn't feel like there is something trying to break free from my chest cavity...

Due to time constraints, I wasn't completely successful in Monday's goals, but I don't think I did too badly:

Y - Cross at least two items off my list at work (I think I crossed off 4!)
X - Accomplish all errands required after work (Costco, Extra Foods (Cat food), and Dollarama)... I made it to the first two, but didn't make it to Dollarama. This was the least important of the three though.
Half - Eat a healthy supper :) - I give myself 50% for this one, because while I didn't eat fast food or anything of the like, we had a rotisserie chicken from the store and some potato salad - not exactly winning any awards there.
Y - Zumba! - Was late for class but made it. Tons of fun.
X - Get to bed before 10. - Got to bed at about 10:30, not too bad. Unfortunately I coughed my way through the night and got very little sleep.

I only had one goal yesterday, which was to get the snow cleared from the rental property. Gilles and I tackled it in about 20 minutes. I probably shouldn't have been out in the cold, but it needed to be done.

Today's goals are a little bit more detailed and tight. We are giving up possession of the rental house tomorrow, and as a part of our rental agreement need to get the furnace ducts cleaned today, and the carpets professionally cleaned (instead of paying a monthly deposit for having cats). I am also working from home during this time.

Gilles' life insurance came back denied, which I found ironic because he has no known health problems and I have more than one - and mine went through without a hitch. I suppose the reasoning that happened though is because I have made an effort to determine exactly what health problems I have, and have taken any measures possible to turn them around as much as possible. Gilles in the meantime, only goes to the doctor if he feels it is absolutely necessary (bad flu), and has never followed up on possible chronic conditions. Anyway, it is probably nothing - a bad sample (which wouldn't be surprising because he is humorously bad at having blood taken), high blood sugar, etc. My money is on that he will either be finally diagnosed with having Gilbert's syndrome, or that he will be diagnosed with an overactive thyroid though. We will find out soon! First step is finding out what the odd result on the bloodwork was, then we treat as necessary (if necessary), and then reapply. It means more bloodwork and paperwork, but at least we will know that we are properly covered.

After that, I have a few errands to run downtown again, and then am hoping to spend some time with our friends while Gilles goes for his hockey game tonight. So to summarize, my goals for today are:

- Cross at least two items off my list for work
- Complete furnace duct cleaning
- Notify landlord of final cost for furnace duct cleaning
- Complete carpet cleaning
- Find out why Gilles' blood work came back
- Complete errands
- Get to bed at a decent hour.

As I was home sick yesterday, I got some good pictures of our cats being ... well, cute. So here are my gratuitous cat pictures to close :)