Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Vases

Image courtesy: PepperWood Miniatures

One of my favorite trends this season is pumpkin vases. They have been featured in several different places, including Chatelaine magazine, Martha Stewart crafts, Country Living magazine, and several crafting blogs. They are simple to make, and make a great fall statement.

I didn't make one of my own this year due to timing, but I do have some questions for those of you who did:
- Did you put real or fake flowers in them?
- Did the water (assuming you water your flowers) affect them negatively, or did you put a different vase inside?
- Assuming you kept your pumpkin vase inside and on some sort of table (ie/ not refrigerated or cooled in any way), how long did it last?

As I mentioned before, there are several great examples of pumpkin vases to look at this year. Here are some of my favorites:

Small & Simple:
Courtesy: The Crafty Crow

Big & Elegant:

Courtesy: Better Homes & Gardens

Girly & Cute:

Courtesy: Chatelaine

Bright & Bold:
Courtesy: Shelterness

Timeless & Classic:

Courtesy: Budget Brides Guide

Did you make a pumpkin vase this year? Send in your picture to be featured on the blog!

- Hardly Martha