Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween for the Healthy

As Halloween approaches, my inbox has been inundated with 'tips to keep from gaining weight this halloween', 'halloween treats under 100 calories', and 'how to keep from eating all your kids' candy'. Some of the suggestions that have come in are interesting and thought provoking... others are laughable. Admittedly, as someone who is trying to lose weight and have a "lifestyle" change, I've clicked on almost every one. Some of my favorites...

Best Advice

10 Tricks to Avoid Halloween Temptations! - Web MD
Control Halloween Candy Cravings - Running & Jogging
(I'd like to add - give out something OTHER than candy, that is still acceptable, like microwave popcorn!)
20 Better-For-You Halloween Treats - fitbie
(Honestly I don't agree with a lot of their suggestions, but it gets you thinking at least)

Worst Advice (IMHO)

The Trick to Eating Treats Fearlessly - CalorieCount
(Really? Because I'd just eat the entire bowl anyway...)
Halloween Treats Calorie Calculator - Walking
(Just read the label. Then don't eat it. Already ate it? Do as much exercise as you can, don't base it on a calculator.)