Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween 2012

Thanks to Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, most of you have already had your Halloween parties - and I'm no exception.

Most of my design inspiration came from Dollarama, and the rest from Pinterest this year. I started decorating almost immediately after (Canadian) Thanksgiving, adding decorations here and there throughout the house...

I had pumpkin and spider lanterns hanging from the curtain rod in the living room, as well as in the dining room. I also put these great gel window stickers up in the living room:

This door hanger is a 'relic' from years ago - I bought it to decorate my apartment door for Halloween in 2009. If it looks a bit off kilter, that's because it is - originally the large pumpkin was centred with two on either side. I cut the last one off though because it didn't fit on my door!

The night before the party, a friend and I created some vampire pumpkins by cutting a hole in the side of the pumpkin, adding fangs, and adding sewing pins for eyes. We got the idea from this tutorial, found on Pinterest. It took all of 15 minutes, and the results look great. We didn't even have to gut the pumpkins!

I finally put the Fireplace Candle Holder by PartyLite to use for something other than sitting on my fireplace. The middle bowl was later filled up with gummy worms. I have chocolate jack 'o lanterns in the left bowl and chocolate eyeballs in the right.

Another candle holder by Party Lite that got some use this weekend. They advertise it around Christmas to put a wreath in usually, but it worked perfect to hold my skull shaped ring pops.

I also had a bowl full of gummy body parts, including an anatomically correct heart, severed fingers, and eyeballs. The table looks pretty scarce in this picture, but it filled up fast! The tablecloth and napkins are also from Dollarama.

This little cubby usually has four glass shelves in it, full of my trinkets. For now though, it is a spider's lair!

Guen decided that he wanted to help decorate too. He was "great" with the streamers, and got very excited about the concept of pulling on the witch's broom (just visible at the top of the photo).

See, the table really did fill up! The vampire pumpkins moved to the table, as well as chips, party snacks,and lots of alcohol.

Happy Halloween!